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Cargo transportation by air is the most advanced method of cargo transportation. It is the fastest and the most reliable method of cargo delivering. ndoubtedly, it is the most expensive means of transport but, nevertheless, the cost of delivery in the last ten years has reduced due to the evolution in aviation engineering. Transportation of cargo can now be accomplished both by passenger aircrafts and by specially equipped cargo aircrafts.

Of course, there are some limitations in air cargo transportation. The choice of the air cargo transport depends on their classification, package, overall dimensions, commercial expediency of delivering by air, delivery terms limitations, security of cargo and aircraft as well as the means of handling and storage in airport of origin, transit and destination.

urthermore, different commercial and state operators have different rules and regulations of transportation. Nevertheless, most of the operators do regulate their actions according to the existing international rules and regulations of such organizations as IATA and ICAO. We will furthermore discuss all above rules and limitations in more detail.

When you acquaint yourself with this information, you'll have a clear idea of what "cargo transportation by air" is about. You can find out the type of your cargo, conditions as to when it can be delivered, what problems can arise and how to solve these problems. You'll also be able to determine what package type/size you would need for your cargo; you'll be able to order it and get an opinion of various specialists regarding your questions. You can organize transportation from/into any airport in the world and find out the price of transportation with our help. We'll help you to insure your cargo by taking its specific character into account.

You can also obtain an information about all cargo that arrives into Ukraine or is transited through its territory.