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Possibilities and limitations

There some limitations exist in cargo transportation by air as well as other modes of transportation. Limitations are divided into several types. First of all it is overall dimensions of the freight (package). They are naturally different for different aircraft. Overall dimensions of the freight should be prepared taking into consideration dimensions of cargo hatches and cargo holds of aircraft that intends to use for transportation. You should take into consideration parameters of overall dimensions of different aircraft along the route if your cargo is following transit on different aircompanies. But it is not a big problem in the transportation. Specialist that organize transportation of you cargo should be based on above mentioned factors when is arranging air transportation.

Shipper may collide with second big problem often. It is a free space existence in cargo holds of the aircraft. But, if you custom an aircraft, it is not a problem at all because you know aircraft capacity. If you transport your cargo on passenger aircraft then passenger baggage will be loaded into cargo holds before any other cargo. So there is a possibility that your cargo will not be delivered by this flight or will be delivered partly (it's admissible but can be unacceptable for customer and will increase terms of transportation and possibility of arising problems with transit papers registration as well as losses or spoilage of one or more packages of your freight). But it is not necessary to call in aircompanies wondering how many passengers and cargo they are planning to take in this flight. All this questions should be solved by specialist and give you full information about it.

There are limitation regarding classes of cargo. The time of transportation should be strictly met if your cargo is perishable. Cargo can be dangerous. We've devoted a whole chapter and will look it throw further in more detail. Live animals transportation requires special containers and temperature conditions. Cargo can't be accepted for delivery in case of poor or broken packaging. Therefore you should contact the specialist before you start air cargo transportation organization and answer the question below.