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Packagings for dangerous goods

We offer high-performance single and combination packagings produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers:

Fibreboard boxes 4G Wooden boxes 4С1 и 4С2 Steel boxes 4А
Steel drums 1А1 и 1А2 Plastic drums 1Н1 и 1Н2 Plastic jerricans 3Н1 и 3Н2
Inner packagings IP2, IP1


All the products are certificated and tested by the competent authority state of manufacture and conform to the international requirements on safe transportation of dangerous goods (standards of the United Nations and the requirements of ICAO Technical Instructions ). All necessary documentation (certificates, results of performance tests etc.) is provided with packagings. The terms of performing your order depend on the quantity of packagings may vary from 5 to 10 days (excluding delivery).